A Saddler:

  • Designs, manufactures, rebuilds, and repairs saddles, saddle trees, harnesses, riding boots and associated tack for equestrian disciplines

Agricultural – Dairy Herdsperson

A Dairy Herdsperson:

  • Maintains the health, nutrition, and breeding of milk cows
  • Works with milk processing and sterilizing equipment
  • Operates and maintains barn mechanical and electrical systems and farm mechanical equipment
  • Performs milking
  • Performs feeding and watering
  • Performs herd health procedures
  • Performs routine herd maintenance
  • Operates and maintains farm mechanical and electrical systems
  • Operates and maintains farm mechanical equipment.


A Hairstylist performs a range of hairstyling services including cutting, designing colouring, permanent waving, relaxing and straightening. Specifically, a Hairstylist:

  • performs health, safety and sanitization procedures
  • performs routine salon functions and service fundamentals
  • treats scalp and hair
  • cuts and styles hair
  • performs chemical treatments such as waving, relaxing, and straightening
  • performs colour services
  • works with wigs, hairpieces and extensions

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade

Hairstylist is an Interprovincial Red Seal trade, but Ontario does not currently offer a Red Seal Endorsement. Candidates who complete the requirements of the Ontario Hairstylist apprenticeship program or qualify through our Trade Equivalency Assessment program and successfully challenge the Certification of Qualification exam, will receive a provincial Certificate of Qualification only.

Special Events Coordinator

A Special Events Coordinator:

  • Assists in the coordination and execution of events such as meetings, conferences and conventions, sporting events, fundraising events, festivals, consumer and trade shows, incentive programs, product launches and weddings

Agricultural – Fruit Grower

A Fruit Grower is responsible for:

  • Planting, cultivating, propagating, spraying, irrigating, transplanting, pruning, and harvesting of all types of fruit.
  • Operating and maintaining mechanical and power equipments and systems and farm mechanical equipment.

Horse Groom

A Horse Groom performs the following duties:

  • Handles and controls horses
  • Performs grooming procedures
  • Performs tacking-up of horse
  • Performs untacking of horse
  • Performs feeding procedures
  • Performs horse health maintenance procedures
  • Cleans stalls
  • Maintains stable facilities, tools, equipment and supplies

Utility Arborist

A Utility Arborist prunes, rigs or moves tree branches and woody vegetation that is in proximity or could contact any electrical apparatus. A Utility Arborist uses climbing techniques, climbing systems and mechanized equipment to work at heights in urban, rural and off-road locations. Specifically, a Utility Arborist:

  • removes dangerous trees using industry approved techniques
  • conducts condition assessments within the electrical system rights of ways to determine the work to be completed
  • secures authorization to peform work, including from the general public, utility customers, government agencies, first nations communities and landowner associations
  • uses different types of on- and off-road aerial devices to work at heights in urban, rural and off-road locations
  • operates on- and off-road equipment such as snow machines, all-terrain vehicles and large tracked aerial devices for work that is away from main highways
  • works with herbicides to control vegetation

Agricultural – Swine Herdsperson

Agricultural — Swine Herdsperson performs the following duties:

  • Reads and interprets Code of Practices, Swine Canadian Quality Assurance procedures, Agriculture Safety Audit Procedures, and veterinarian recommendations/prescriptions;
  • Performs herd health and comfort maintenance;
  • Performs breeding/gestation procedures;
  • Performs farrowing procedures;
  • Manages nursery stock;
  • Performs manure management procedures;
  • Operates and maintains farm systems, vehicles, and equipment;
  • Operates and maintains farm mechanical equipment.

Horse Harness Maker

A Horse Harness Maker:

  • Stitches leather by hand
  • Cuts heavy leather by hand
  • Assembles and constructs material by hand
  • Diagnoses and repairs broken or defective components and replaces worn parts
  • Trims, slicks, rubs, creases, punches holes, bevels edges and dyes or burnishes edges
  • Reads and interprets job specifications technical drawings

Appliance Service Technician

An Appliance Service Technician installs, assembles, disassembles, removes, services, repairs, maintains and disposes of domestic appliances and electrical household products. Some examples include refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and ovens. Specifically, an Appliance Service Technician:

  • performs work on multiple appliance and household product systems such as: electrical, electronic control and component, mechanical, water, air, and sealed
  • reads and interprets work orders and manufacturer’s specifications, and follows service manual instructions
  • installs, services, and repairs appliances and household products including performing inspections, determining leaks and malfunctions, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and aligning systems and components, verifying operation, and confirming electrical supply
  • uses specialized tools and methods to test, calibrate, adjust, and fabricate appliances, household products, their components and accessories
  • recovers existing refrigerant and transfers the gases into approved storage containers for disposal

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade