Educational Assistant

An Educational Assistant supports educators in working with students, including those with exceptional education needs to implement education, safety and behaviour support plans. Develops intervention strategies to support successful student outcomes. Promotes a positive environment for learning and assisting with life and living skills development. Specifically, an Educational Assistant:

  • works with team
  • assists in implementing the education plan
  • applies intervention strategies
  • creates a climate for learning
  • assists with life and living skills development
  • supports the student and the use of specialized equipment
  • demonstrates safe work practices and techniques
  • practices professionalism and ethics
  • reflective practice

Parts Technician

A Parts Technician performs ordering, warehousing, inventory control and sales of parts, servicing a range of industries including motive power, appliance, heavy duty equipment and natural resources. Specifically, a Parts Technician:

  • provides customer service and advice
  • maintains, handles and warehouses stock
  • identifies and catalogues parts and assemblies
  • orders, receives, inspects, sorts, maintains inventories and prices and sells supplies, parts and assemblies
  • processes exchanges and returns
  • prepares statements
  • maintains records

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade

Electronic Service Technician

An electronic Service Technician:

  • Interacts with customers and other workers
  • Uses hand tools, hand power tools, testing equipment and specialty tools
  • Applies electronic theory to electronic products
  • Terminates and connects conductors and printed circuit boards contained within electronic products
  • Maintains electronic products
  • Troubleshoots and diagnoses problems in electronic products
  • Services and repairs electronic products

Retail Meat Cutter

A Retail Meat Cutter prepares meat and poultry for the retail market by:

  • Demonstrating safe working practices and techniques
  • Applying general work practices and merchandising
  • Setting up and operating machinery
  • Performing business practices / customer relations
  • Preparing beef cuts
  • Preparing pork cuts
  • Preparing lamb cuts
  • Preparing veal cuts
  • Preparing poultry cuts
  • Preparing meat for sausage making

Aboriginal Child Development Practitioner

An Aboriginal Child Development Practitioner:

  • Plans, organizes, and implements activities for preschool children to encourage children in intellectual, physical, and emotional growth.


A Gemsetter/Goldsmith:

  • Fabricates and repairs precious and semi-precious jewellery and gemstone work
  • Tests metals
  • Rolls and draws metals
  • Forms rings
  • Drills holes and sockets for stones or hinges
  • Solders pieces of jewellery and gemstone work
  • Designs and sets gem settings
  • Fabricates and assembles all types of jewellery and gemstone work
  • Cleans and polishes jewellery and gemstone work


A Saddler:

  • Designs, manufactures, rebuilds, and repairs saddles, saddle trees, harnesses, riding boots and associated tack for equestrian disciplines

Agricultural – Dairy Herdsperson

A Dairy Herdsperson:

  • Maintains the health, nutrition, and breeding of milk cows
  • Works with milk processing and sterilizing equipment
  • Operates and maintains barn mechanical and electrical systems and farm mechanical equipment
  • Performs milking
  • Performs feeding and watering
  • Performs herd health procedures
  • Performs routine herd maintenance
  • Operates and maintains farm mechanical and electrical systems
  • Operates and maintains farm mechanical equipment.


A Hairstylist performs a range of hairstyling services including cutting, designing colouring, permanent waving, relaxing and straightening. Specifically, a Hairstylist:

  • performs health, safety and sanitization procedures
  • performs routine salon functions and service fundamentals
  • treats scalp and hair
  • cuts and styles hair
  • performs chemical treatments such as waving, relaxing, and straightening
  • performs colour services
  • works with wigs, hairpieces and extensions

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade

Hairstylist is an Interprovincial Red Seal trade, but Ontario does not currently offer a Red Seal Endorsement. Candidates who complete the requirements of the Ontario Hairstylist apprenticeship program or qualify through our Trade Equivalency Assessment program and successfully challenge the Certification of Qualification exam, will receive a provincial Certificate of Qualification only.

Special Events Coordinator

A Special Events Coordinator:

  • Assists in the coordination and execution of events such as meetings, conferences and conventions, sporting events, fundraising events, festivals, consumer and trade shows, incentive programs, product launches and weddings