Child Development Practitioner

A Child Development Practitioner (CDP) plans and implements age-appropriate service, supports and programs for children that facilitate physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. CDPs deliver services in multiple settings, including, but not limited to, childcare centres/facilities, the preschool sections of hospitals and schools, and Ontario Early Years Centres. Specifically, a Child Development Practitioner:

  • practises and promotes health
  • fosters relationships with children
  • plans developmentally appropriate programs and supports emergent learning practices
  • cultivates family, cultural and social relationships
  • applies intervention strategies
  • participates in a team environment with families, colleagues, community members, and support services providers
  • works in an interdisciplinary team environment and communicates with other professionals
  • practices professionalism and adheres to ethical standards

Micro Electronics Manufacturer

A Micro Electronics Manufacturer:

  • Operates and monitor process equipment including manual, automatic and semi- automatic manufacturing equipment to produce micro-electronic products
  • Sets up process equipment and adhere to clean room procedures
  • Performs some or all the following tasks with the above mentioned process equipment using micro-electronic manufacturing equipment to spin coat, photo align, develop, etch, measure, implant oxides, sputter, print, test, inspect, measure, dice and bake
  • Identifies and mark/record defective products
  • Collects, record and summarize inspection and test results
  • Operates various testing equipment and tools
  • Compares test results to specifications and take action
  • Maintains detailed and complete process result reports
  • Maintains a product tracking system
  • Participates in continuous process improvement programs


A Cook prepares a wide range of foods for public consumption in various settings, for small or large groups or individual dishes in restaurants and test kitchens. Specifically, a Cook:

  • prepares, cooks, and assembles food such as meats, salads and dressings, soups, sauces, sandwiches, vegetables, desserts, pastries, baked foods, hot and cold buffets and non-alcoholic beverages
  • creates specialty dishes and develops recipes
  • performs menu and nutrition planning, food costing, purchasing, scheduling and receiving deliveries and checking product quality and quantity
  • estimates food, liquor, wine and other beverage consumption to anticipate purchases or requisitions
  • practices according to food safety standards for hygiene, sanitation and safety

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Developmental Services Worker

A Developmental Services Worker supports people who have a developmental disability to realize their full potential. Developmental Services Workers are employed by organizations that provide support to individuals with special needs, including faith and culture-based agencies and by school boards to assist in the classroom. Specifically, a Developmental Services Worker assists people with developmental disabilities by:

  • promoting their adaptive skills
  • maintaining a safe environment
  • modelling and promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • assisting with medications
  • applying crisis prevention and intervention strategies
  • participating in the development and implementation of person-directed plans
  • supporting the individual in the development and maintenance of family, community and other relationships

Network Cabling Specialist

A Network Cabling Specialist installs, tests, labels and maintains low voltage communication distribution systems and signal sources to the terminal or equipment at the end of distribution systems, which comprise the architecture that supports voice, video and data transmissions within industrial, commercial, institutional and office complexes. Specifically, a Network Cabling Specialist:

  • plans and prepares for installations
  • performs cable installations using hand and power tools
  • installs cable support infrastructure
  • terminates and splice inside and outside plant cables
  • performs labelling, testing and documentation of installations
  • performs networking installations
  • troubleshoots cable systems
  • develops and maintains positive client relations

Educational Assistant

An Educational Assistant supports educators in working with students, including those with exceptional education needs to implement education, safety and behaviour support plans. Develops intervention strategies to support successful student outcomes. Promotes a positive environment for learning and assisting with life and living skills development. Specifically, an Educational Assistant:

  • works with team
  • assists in implementing the education plan
  • applies intervention strategies
  • creates a climate for learning
  • assists with life and living skills development
  • supports the student and the use of specialized equipment
  • demonstrates safe work practices and techniques
  • practices professionalism and ethics
  • reflective practice

Parts Technician

A Parts Technician performs ordering, warehousing, inventory control and sales of parts, servicing a range of industries including motive power, appliance, heavy duty equipment and natural resources. Specifically, a Parts Technician:

  • provides customer service and advice
  • maintains, handles and warehouses stock
  • identifies and catalogues parts and assemblies
  • orders, receives, inspects, sorts, maintains inventories and prices and sells supplies, parts and assemblies
  • processes exchanges and returns
  • prepares statements
  • maintains records

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Electronic Service Technician

An electronic Service Technician:

  • Interacts with customers and other workers
  • Uses hand tools, hand power tools, testing equipment and specialty tools
  • Applies electronic theory to electronic products
  • Terminates and connects conductors and printed circuit boards contained within electronic products
  • Maintains electronic products
  • Troubleshoots and diagnoses problems in electronic products
  • Services and repairs electronic products

Retail Meat Cutter

A Retail Meat Cutter prepares meat and poultry for the retail market by:

  • Demonstrating safe working practices and techniques
  • Applying general work practices and merchandising
  • Setting up and operating machinery
  • Performing business practices / customer relations
  • Preparing beef cuts
  • Preparing pork cuts
  • Preparing lamb cuts
  • Preparing veal cuts
  • Preparing poultry cuts
  • Preparing meat for sausage making